Improving Music Education for Babies and Children in Málaga

Music classes for babies and children in Rincón de la Victoria, Vélez-Málaga, and Torre del Mar are filled with the most exciting musical initiation experiences for the little ones in the home. Movement, listening, singing, multi-instrument practice, experimentation, observation, play… everything babies and children need to delve into the world of music, but in a music school with highly motivated teachers and a completely innovative methodology.

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For babies and children aged 0-8 years


Early musical stimulation from 0-4 years

100 billion neurons dancing in unison, thanks to music and the interaction of children with their parents, isn’t it incredible? A unique musical initiation experience for babies and children, which is only lived once


0-18 months

iniciación musical bebé balanceo

A stage full of tenderness and emotions in which we provide the first quality musical experiences, similarly to the learning of the mother tongue.

Transmit, with our help, movement, rhythm, emotions, and all the value of music to your baby and watch how they evolve with the appropriate musical stimuli. Little Arms is the key sensory stage of exploration and listening, and the perfect space for babies to experience their first musical sensations.

Share with your child their first intentional musical responses. See how they experiment and explore instruments, how they develop singing and movement, and how they assimilate a basic musical vocabulary.

In Little Steps, children’s wonder and enjoyment of music keep growing, creating a high-value imprint.


18-36 months

iniciación musical pasitos


3-4 years

iniciación musical saltitos

In Jumpers, you will appreciate a great explosion of musical responses. We leverage the child’s capacity for imitation to improve their associations with the musical context and enhance the learning of a larger volume of musical vocabulary. We use movement and the body as a means of expression and continue experimenting with all types of musical instruments, refining their production.

Parents and children cooperate to enhance their learning and develop their musical aptitude to the fullest, creating an emotional and valuable bond with music.


Music and movement for 4-8 years

100% perceptive and practical music classes, super dynamic and active, where children enjoy group music. Singing, movement, instruments, improvisation, musical games, and much more will mark this vital moment of your child’s life


4-6 years

iniciación musical tan-tan

Tan-Tan is the ideal time for children to play at making music, share music among themselves, and show what they are capable of doing with music.

We move from a primarily imitative phase to one of greater creativity. Small improvisations emerge spontaneously, adding richness to the learning process.

In Tan-Tan, children will experience their first autonomous group experiences through songs, recitations, instruments, motor activities, and musical games, thanks to a leading and international methodological proposal, which promotes the highest level of auditory discrimination development, unique in the province of Málaga and probably in the rest of Spain.

In Son-Son, we continue the work of the previous stage, expanding and deepening all the acquired skills, such as memory, pulse, improvisation, the richness of rhythmic-tonal vocabulary, and coordination with musical instruments, through play and the interpretation of a broader and more complex repertoire. At this stage, the child begins to synchronize music and body, so more elaborate movement patterns will be introduced. On the other hand, we continue to solidify the child’s auditory skill, on which the success of their future musical reading and writing depends.

Fun and high quality in learning music go hand in hand.


6-8 years

iniciación musical son-son

What we do and what we DO NOT do?

Through a playful and pleasant environment, we pursue the following goals:

  • Foster artistic and auditory sensitivity in babies and children
  • Learn music as the mother tongue is assimilated, progressively and naturally
  • Lay the foundations for a good musical education that will serve as a basis in the future to enjoy, understand, and make music
  • Use movement to assimilate pulse and rhythm
  • Use music as a unique means of communication, expression, and socialization
  • Strengthen and expand the family bond through experiences with great emotional charge

As music teachers committed to the quality of education:

  • We DO NOT block the child’s natural creative impulse
  • We DO NOT rush the sequencing of musical learning
  • We DO NOT promote musical and instrumental indoctrination
  • We DO NOT replace practice with theory
  • We DO NOT encourage competitiveness
  • We DO NOT anticipate the symbolic stage of musical language

+ than music

Why are our music classes so special?

  • We employ the latest materials and methodological discoveries specialized in early childhood education such as Gordon, Feierabend, Reggio Emilia, Orff, etc.
  • We generalize the use of English in our sessions.
  • We enhance creativity and improvisation.
  • We adapt to the natural development of the child, guiding and stimulating without imposing, attentive to their spontaneous responses.
  • We aim for a playful environment that activates, involves, and motivates participation.
  • We promote the development of musical thinking in the same way linguistic thinking is generated.
  • We pursue meaningful musical learning beyond simple memorization.
  • We take advantage of the benefits of learning music perceptually, in a wholly practical way.
  • We stimulate cognitive, psychomotor, and affective areas.


Where We Are

Any family from Axarquía and Málaga can access the music classes offered by IMPROVE Educación Musical, as an extracurricular activity, in the afternoon schedule, thanks to the following collaborating centers in Rincón de la Victoria and Vélez-Málaga, which provide the best facilities:

Centro de Educación donde Improve Educación Musical ofrece clases de música

Rincón de la Victoria

Centro multidisciplinar de la Salud donde Improve Educación Musical ofrece clases de música


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Childhood Education Centers

After more than 10 years of experience as music teachers in conservatories and 3 years of research on the most advanced and innovative pedagogies in the field of infant musical education, we launch a new project for CEIs and CEIPs in the morning schedule.

What do we offer?

Musical education for children from 0 to 5 years old (1st and 2nd Cycle of Childhood Education) in the morning schedule. We offer both regular weekly or biweekly music classes (CEIs only) and specific music initiation workshops on specific dates (both CEIs and CEIPs).

What do we do?

We facilitate the first experiences and musical discoveries, awakening interest and curiosity in the world of sounds. Our music classes are dynamic and interactive, where singing, movement, exploration, and experimentation, musical instruments, sung stories, games, and a thousand more activities prevail.

Our musical teaching provides children with the development of their musical intelligence, vocal skills, pulse, expressive movement, musical memory, musical taste, and all kinds of neural connections.

What do we pursue?

Our program guarantees high-quality early musical education, with the necessary stimuli to:

  • Foster artistic and auditory sensitivity in babies and children.
  • Learn music in the same way as the mother tongue, progressively and naturally.
  • Lay the foundations for the future development of rhythmic and tonal precision, through listening, movement, and singing.
  • Lay the foundations of a good musical education that will serve as a basis in the future to enjoy, understand, and make music.


We mainly work in schools and colleges in the area of Vélez-Málaga, Torre del Mar, and Rincón de la Victoria. However, for specific workshops, we move to other locations in the province of Málaga.

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