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Musicogram "Jumping Finger"

  • 4 PRACTICAL high-stimulation activities (no need to know THEORY)
  • 30 100% original audio tracks
  • Color PDFs with printables, cutouts, activities, icons, and solutions

MUSICAL STRUCTURE. We are going to develop the ability to understand musical structure at the highest level. To truly achieve this, we have emphasized the auditory aspect, which will be at the forefront and guide the entire learning process.

Musical skills:

  • Active listening

  • Rhythmic precision and sense of pulse

  • Auditory discrimination: especially of durations, volume (dynamics), tempo variations, and pitch changes.

Cognitive skills:

  • Planning

  • Problem-solving

  • Concentration

  • Memory

  • Logic

  • Visuospatial ability

  • Activity 1. Bouncing Finger

Through repeated listening and observing the included musicogram, you’ll use a finger to follow the rhythm of the music.

  • Activity 2. Guess the Section

Let’s find out if you can quickly recognize which part of the music is playing. You’ll listen to a very brief music excerpt and have to guess which section it belongs to.

  • Activity 3. Put in Order

The order of the sections has changed. Listen to the new structure and place the sections in the correct sequence.

  • Activity 4. Something has Changed!

The music moves faster, slower, or stays at the original speed. You must determine the tempo at which each section is played.

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MELODICA course for children


What are we going to learn? 🌟

  • A Magical Instrument: The melodica is super fun and easy to play. It’s like a piano that can also be blown!

  • Songs You Love: With 25 unique and fun songs, each module is a new adventure.

  • Super Cool Videos: For each song, there is a video that shows you everything you need to know: musicograms, how to place your fingers, assimilate the rhythm, how to practice, and much more.

Fun and Learning to the Max! 🚀

  • Learn by Listening: Here, you’ll learn music like it’s a game, listening and repeating. No complicated sheet music!

  • Your Own Style: Discover music your way, with games and activities that will make you a mini-expert in rhythms and melodies.

  • Musical Surprises: Riddles, imitation games, and tons of stuff await for you to explore and create.

The Results Are Amazing! ✨

  • Become a Musician: By the end of the course, you’ll be playing tunes that everyone will want to hear!

  • Confidence and Creativity: You’ll develop not just your musical skills, but also your creativity and confidence.

Are you ready to become a little maestro of melody? Join us and start your musical journey today!

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